We are building a prosperous future today

We envision a world where every young person has the chance to evolve into a young adult who embraces their uniqueness, possesses strong emotional intelligence, and discovers purpose in life.

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The younger generation holds tremendous potential and the power to drive change.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I worthy of connection? Do I have something to offer others? Can I make an impact on my life and the world around me?

The experience of powerlessness in one's own life, emotions, and the world, as well as a lack of purpose and meaning, have been scientifically proven to be breeding grounds for depression, anxiety, loneliness, and substance abuse. We need skills to bolster a positive self-perception, skills to understand humanity more deeply, and skills to harness our own qualities for pursuits that feel meaningful to us.

MARKED's mission

By the end of 2025, our mission is to influence the lives of one million young individuals by providing them with access to social-emotional skills education. The MARKED program and methodology focus on nurturing a positive self-relationship, fostering an understanding of the body, mind, and emotions, and empowering the experience of purpose and meaning in one's life through active engagement.

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MARKED's story

Imagine if you had the chance to learn in school how your mind operates, why you experience emotions, and how to effectively navigate them. What if you could also explore how to uncover your unique purpose in the world?

MARKED was founded by Ida Nevalainen when she recognized a pressing need for well-being solutions that genuinely pique people's interest. The aim was to help individuals discover their unique strengths and qualities while equipping them with the skills to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and humanity.

Working as an educator and a counselor for those dealing with mental health challenges, Nevalainen became intimately familiar with the anxiety, burnout, self-criticism, and lack of direction often experienced by young people and young adults.

During her time as a teacher, Nevalainen began introducing her students to the skills of human connection and self-awareness. She witnessed how these skills positively impacted their well-being and self-confidence. One student's statement, "There's nothing wrong with me; I just haven't understood myself," solidified Nevalainen's belief that these skills should be accessible to everyone from an early age.

The increased self-awareness and understanding of humanity led to heightened joy, self-confidence, self-compassion, improved collaborative skills, and a greater desire to engage in meaningful activities. Today, MARKED has evolved into its own methodology and program, available for implementation in schools, youth work, and workplaces.

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A new way to learn and teach socio-emotional skills

Insecurity, feelings of anxiety, uncertainty about life and challenges in dealing with emotions are commonplace among young people. MARKED lessons teach the skills that youth need to navigate these matters and build character, leading to a sustainable and prosperous life.

We offer ready-made materials for classroom lessons as well as access to a mobile app that supports the subjects. No-prep lesson plans lighten the burden of teachers and help create a space where the teacher can learn with the students. Teachers do not have to master the topics we teach themselves. All MARKED videos and materials are created in cooperation with experts and teachers from different fields.

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Clear, reliable and easy to use

The MARKED curriculum is based on Finnish National Curriculum and consists of ready-made, engaging teaching videos and supportive exercises. The teacher has to only press the play button and participate in the lessons together with the group. We offer three curriculums for Middle School students, of which each is divided into four parts containing 16 lesson plans.

Our ready-made lesson plans can be used in many ways. The content is suitable for teaching full Social Emotional Skills lessons, shorter 15-minute well-being sessions, or as part of the activities offered by a school coach or student care professional.

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Support wherever you are

The MARKED program supports students' well-being also in their free time and at home. As part of the program, the students get access to a mobile app that offers various Social Emotional Skills and Self-knowledge programs. 

Your school will also receive ready-made materials to hand out to parents about the program as well as practical tips aimed at parents. This helps parents to support the topics of the program at home with their youth. 

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How can we become a MARKED school?


Enter your school or municipality.

We will connect you with a contact person from our team as well as offer support for starting the partnership. We offer ready-made materials to inform your staff about the program.


Staff training event

We will organize a training session where your staff can get to know the MARKED materials and experience and understand what teaching life skills can look like as well as how the materials can be used in different ways.


Well-being for young people, accessible to everyone!

Teachers and students get their own IDs for the materials. The teaching of life skills can begin!

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Teacher training and support

We train school staff on how to implement our programs. During the interactive training, teachers are familiarized with the materials and get to experience and realize how the content can be used in different ways as part of teaching.

The training provides practical tools to support the well-being of youth according to their age level, without forgetting the teacher's own well-being and self-awareness. After the training, teachers feel clear and safe to start Social Emotional Learning lessons.

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Psychological capital as a source of sustainable well-being

Practicing Socio-emotional skills and deepening self-awareness has a positive effect on a young person's life also reflecting far into the future. When a young person has good life skills, they are in balance with themselves and can easily learn new things as well as set goals and dreams for the future.

Our programs support the psychological well-being of young people and their development. They are also designed to prevent the emergence of exclusion, bullying, mental health problems and addictions.

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