What if the healthiest students were found in your District?

MARKED programs offer young people a solid foundation for life and teaches them skills through which they grow into confident and resilient young adults.

Marked nuoret

An effective way to strengthen well-being

Anxiety, exhaustion and hopelessness about the future are commonplace for many young people. Mental health solutions are expensive and well-being skills are in demand.

MARKED brings the teaching of life skills and self-knowledge within reach of young people and teaches them in engaging, modern ways the things every person needs to be well and succeed in life.

Reliable and easy to use

Life skills have been studied to accumulate psychological capital, which is hope, perseverance, self-knowledge and optimism. MARKED brings life skills into education without employing additional teachers.

Our ready-made materials aimed at middle schools make teaching life skills easy, impressive and fun. We also offer an engaging mobile app aimed at high school and college students, which enables the learning of life skills to be within reach of the youth.

“Vihdoin oikeasti nuorten näköinen ja nykyaikainen palvelu lisäämään hyvinvointia!”


“Finally a youthful and modern looking service to increase our well-being!"

“En ennen tiennyt, että voisin olla kiinnostunut itsetuntemuksen teemoista. Nyt olen.”


17-v, ammattikoulu

“Tarpeellisia taitoja. Olisin hyötynyt näistä jo muutama vuosi aiemminkin.”


21-v, korkeakoulu

Ida ja nuoret

MARKED for Districts provides a sustainable basis for life.

MARKED helps schools organize effective well-being education. Our programs support the psychological well-being of young people and their development, and through this they are also designed to prevent the emergence of exclusion, mental health problems, bullying and addictions.

We train teachers to implement the program, and parents also receive materials for familiarizing themselves with the activities along with practical tips for supporting the development of these skills at home.

Imagine youth who...

...deal with emotions in a balanced way.
...communicate about feelings and feel it is accepted and safe.
...encourage others to succeed without thinking that it is away from them.
...resolve conflicts and look for ways to maximize the common good.
...recognize their own potential and uniqueness and act accordingly.

Nuoria portaikossa

How can we become a MARKED District?


Enter your district!

You will get connected with a contact person from our team. We will give an introduction of the service and provide ready-made materials for informing about the program.


Staff training event.

We will organize a training session where the staff can get to know the materials. This helps them experience and understand what teaching life skills can look like and how to use the materials in different ways as part of classroom teaching.


Well-being for young people, accessible to everyone!

Teachers and students get their own user IDs for the mobile app and materials. Let the strengthening of our youth begin!

Life skills help young people succeed in today's world

Practicing life skills and deepening self-knowledge has a positive effect on a young person's life, which extends far into the future. When a young person has good life skills, they are in balance with themself and have goals and dreams for the future.

MARKED offers effective and easy-to-use materials for districts and schools to support the well-being of youth. As a side effect, anxiety and mental health problems are reduced.

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